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The Ebola virus is in the headlines every day and here are some facts from Africa Answers, the company we use to book our clients to Africa.   Africa is a huge continent and the epidemic is in West Africa but is not in the tourist areas of Southern Africa and Eastern Africa (Tanzania, Kenya, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia,  Namibia, Uganda, Mozambique and Madagascar).  You should not be afraid to go to these areas.  Below are some slides which will give you more information. 

This map shows you how large a continent Africa is.  Notice that the US fits in just one corner of Africa!  There are only three countries in Africa that have the Ebola virus, (Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia) and they are all small countries in West Africa.   Tourists visit Southern and Eastern Africa and it is over 3,500 miles from the affected areas to Kenya.  The distances are vast in Africa from these  three countries and the rest of the country.   To give you some idea of the distances, Nairobi, Kenya to Freetown, Sierra Leone is
3,509.66 miles and Sierra Leone to London, England is over 3,061,67 miles.  To keep this in perspective, the distance between Los Angeles and New York City is 2,776 miles.  


Here is a fact sheet issued by the World Health Organization about the Ebola Virus.  This report has been endorsed by the American Red Cross.


This last slide show shows how far the infected areas of West Africa are from Eastern and Southern Africa.  Our supplier, Africa Answers, has a guarantee for our clients that we send to Eastern and Southern Africa.   Any money they have put down for travel to these areas, if an outbreak of ebola happens, and you don’t feel comfortable traveling, then your money is protected for future travel.  


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