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Pandemonium Group150

Solano Pandemonium goes to Port of Spain, Trinidad for Panorama and Carnival
Derek Smith teaches a steel drum class at Solano Community College in Fairfield, CA and their band is called Solano Pandemonium.  Thirteen members of the band flew to Trinidad in February 2013 to watch the steel drum competition, Panorama, and then stayed to experience Carnival in Trinidad. 



Cuba - 2013
Steve and Sally traveled to Cuba in April 2013 and here is Steve’s slide show.   Steve said it was like being in a time capsule and they especially liked the old cars.  Tours to Cuba are considered cultural tours and tour companies need a license to take our clients there.

Cuba - 2016
  Steve and Sally went back to Cuba in 2016 when Steve took a group from the International Municipal Lawyers  Association (IMLA).  Here are his photos of that trip.   As the US normalizes relationships with Cuba, there will be big changes ahead for this Caribbean country.   In years to come, Cuba will probably end up being like any other Caribbean island.  If you want to see the time warp that is Cuba, now is the time to move that country up
 on your bucket list.

“The Paradox that is Cuba”
If you want to learn more about Cuba today, read this article that was written by Steve Meyers and was published in Municipal Lawyer. 


Secrets Marquis, Los Cabos
Mark and Theresa spent Christmas in 2013 at Secrets Marquis in Los Cabos.  Theresa said “We LOVE Secrets!” To get back to this page, if the Back button doesn’t work, then type in


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