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  • Dubai - The Burj Khalifa is the world's tallest building.
  • Take a look at its shadow and compare it to the other buildings to get a feel of how tall it is.
  • Dubai - Observation Deck at Burj Khalifai - amazing views of Dubai.
  • There are amazing building in Dubai. This is one of the towers at the Dubai Marina.
  • Burj Al Arab - Dubai hotel in the shape of a sail. Fourth tallest hotel in the world.
  • Only in Dubai would you have a gold ATM!
  • Whiriling Dervish.  In the Middle East the dance is as popular as belly dancing.
  • The signature of the Middle East - the camel.
  • The Treasury, Petra, Jordan
  • Jerusalem - The Wailing Wall with Dome of the Rock in the background.
  • Masada - Israel.

The Middle East


Chris’ Trip to Israel and Jordan
Jerusalem - Mount Zion & the Old City

Jerusalem - Outside the Old City Walls


Chris’ Trip to Dubai
Chris traveled to Dubai on her way to Kenya.  Dubai is a great place to do a stopover and experience a safe place in the Middle East.  Dubai strives to be the biggest and best in all the world and they certainly have achieved that. Just click on the first photo and the
slide show begins.

Jeff Adam’s Dubai - an African Aperitif
A Dubai webinar presented by Jeff Adam of Africa Answers.  It’s a perfect stopover on your way to Africa.


Steve & Sally’s Trip to Egypt, Israel & Jordan

Our clients Steve and Sally traveled to the Middle East to Egypt, Israel and Jordan.  Here and below  are some of Steve’s photos.   He is a wonderful photographer!


Steve’s photos of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Masada and Caesearia.


Steve’s photos of their visit to Petra, Jordan, the Dead Sea, Jerash and Wadi Musa.

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