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Twenty-two members of a group who lived and worked in the Canal Zone in Panama at Albrook AFS in the 70’s and their friends met in Las Vegas at the Flamingo Hilton for a reunion weekend on April 28th, 2000.   Below are photos of that weekend and the fun that we all shared together.

From the back going  forward - reading left to right:

Don Bailey, Mel Ledbetter

Bob Skelton, Willie Ledbetter, Dorothy Bailey,  Jim Holmes,  Vic Vizcarra, Stan Penney.

Dottie Skelton, Sandy Holmes, Pat Vizcarra, Geno Ermenio, Ann Penney, Maxine & Wayne Melendrez

Chuck Meny, Tootsie Ermenio, Rebecca Penney, Chris Meny, Tom Snodgrass.

Not showing:  Cal & Gloria Harstad

Stan, Rebecca & Ann Penney

Tom Snodgrass & Rebecca Penny

Chuck & Chris Meny

Pat & Vic Vizcarra

Dottie & Bob Skelton

Tootsie & Geno Ermenio

Cal & Gloria Harstad

Jim & Sandy Holmes

Dorothy & Don Bailey

Mel Ledbetter & Maxine Melendrez

Willie Ledbetter & Wayne Melendrez

If you are interested in be a part of the next Panama Reunion, please contact Chris Meny at (800)597-0594

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