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Taveuni is the third largest island in the Fijian archipelago and is located just off the eastern shore of Vanaua Levu.  It is a volcanic island with a very rocky coastline, a sunken crater lake and two of the highest peaks in all the islands. The island is extremely tropical and has abundant rainforest and exotic flora and fauna and is a birder’s and diver’s paradise. The strong tidal current of the Somosomo Strait brings the rich nutrients that are ideal for soft coral growth and diverse fish.  There are many wonderful coral formations such the Great White Wall, Rainbow Reef and Cabbage Patch.

The roads in Taveuni are not paved and the road goes around two-thirds around the island. The roads are very bumpy and we were told that the 4-wheel drive cars only last two years!  Taveuni was featured in the “Return to the Blue Lagoon” shot in 1991. 

Hiking is particularly good on Taveuni with the Lavena Coastal Walk and the three levels of Bouma Falls - a must-see for nature lovers.  You can also climb up Des Voeux peak and go kayaking from June to September. 

The International Dateline passes through Fiji in Taveuni.  There is a sign by Waiyevo that allows you to put one foot in today and one foot in yesterday!  However, to keep Fiji in one time zone, the IDL has been adjusted.


  • Visit the International Dateline.
  • Slide down the Waitavala Natural Waterslide
  • Go Snorkeling, swimming, diving.
  • Go Kayaking.
  • Walking and Hiking.
  • Go to a remote beach for a picnic.
  • Play volleyball or a board game.
  • Hike up to Tavoro Falls in the Bouma National Heritage Park,
  • Get married.
  • Dive the Rainbow Reef.
  • Spend time birdwatching.
  • Play 9 holes of golf.
  • Visit a Fijian Village.
  • Visit Wairiki Mission.
  • Go Horseback riding.
  • Take a 4-wheel drive to Lake Tagimoucia.
  • Hike up to Bouma Falls.
  • Read a good book.
  • Do nothing at all!

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