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In May 2008, our clients, Steve and Sally, and Susan and Doak hiked from the North Rim into the bottom of the Grand Canyon where they spent several nights and then hiked from the bottom up to the South Rim.   They began their adventure at El Tovar Lodge on the South Rim.  They took a bus ride of 4 hours from the South Rim to the North Rim and then began their hike.     

The happy hikers at the start of their hike.

The hotel was designed by architect Charles Whittlessey and was decorated by Mary Colter.  While at El Tovar, they dined in the beautiful dining room.  

Views of El Tovar.  It was built in 1905 as  a luxury hotel for the Santa Fe Railway.   The hotel is located 20 feet from the South Rim.

View of the Grand Canyon from the South Rim looking towards the North Rim.  Canyon to the right is what they descended into the canyon.   

Another view looking from the South Rim to the North Rim.

Sally at the bottom of the Grand Canyon by the Colorado River.

The switchbacks are called Jacob’s Ladder but in 100 degree weather they called it the Devil’s Corkscrew!

Trail heading up to the South Rim.

Their guides at the Tonto Plateau Overlook - 1300 feet down to the Colorado River!

They make it to the South Rim!  Success!   Two days down from the North Rim and two days back up to the South Rim.   

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