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Key West is America’s Caribbean.  It is an island city of palm-lined streets boasting Victorian homes, gingerbread conch houses and mansions on the National Register.  It is known for its  infamous nightlife, the freshest seafood and great food and shopping and is the only place in the United States where celebrating the sun setting is a popular past time.   Key West has always been an artists and a literary retreat for many.  Ernest Hemingway and John Audubon lived here and Truman had his summer White House here.  The city is only two miles by about four miles and lies at the end of the Overseas Highway and is where the Gulf Stream nurtures North America’s only living coral reef.   

Mallory Square is where everyone congregates every night to celebrate the setting of the sun!

Key West is known for its interesting characters.

Getting around the Old Town is easy.   You can rent a scooter, a mini car or a bike.  Also you can hop on a Conch Tour Train and get a narrated tour through town.

Ernest Hemingway lived in Key West  for 10 years and his home (above) is now a museum known for six-toed cats who are descendants from his original cats. 

The Hog’s Breath Saloon (above) and the Conch Republic restaurant (below)  are two of the most famous eating and drinking spots in Key West.    

Key West has plenty of Victorian homes, gingerbread conch houses and mansions on the National Restaurants.  Many of them are now bed and breakfasts.

Even Key West’s cemetery has a quirkiness to it. One of the tombstones reads, “I told you I was sick.”


Everyone has to have their photograph taken at the Southernmost Point in the U.S.A!

The Key West Lighthouse is one of Florida’s oldest lighthouses (1837) and is now a museum.

Key West is known for some very funky and fun restaurants.  Duval Street is the main street and is lined with one outdoor restaurant after another.  

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