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When they had finished touring Abu Simbel they flew back to Cairo and stayed at the Mena House Oberoi Hotel which is located at the foot of the Pyramids in Giza.  Besides visiting the pyramids and the Sphinx they also went to Memphis and Saqqara.      

Among the seven wonders of the world, only the Pyramids of Giza have survived.  Steve took this picture from the Mena House Oberoi.  Description provided by Lindblad Expeditions

 The Great Pyramid of Khufu, also known as Cheops, is one of the largest structures built.   It is estimated that 2.3 million blocks averaging 2.4 tons a piece were used in building the pyramid.  The pyramid sits on 13.5 acres of land and stands 480 feet.    It is estimated that it took 100,00 men over 25 years to build this pyramid.  Source:

Steve and Sally with friend at Saqqara with the Step Pyramid of Pharoah Djoser in the background.  This design was the inspiration for the pyramid buildng to come. This was Egypt’s first pyramid and was built to hold Pharoah Djoser’s mummified body.  

Part of their tour was a sound and light show on the pyramids.  The Sphinx narrates this show in the desert and tells the stories of the pharoahs and the  pyramids.

The Sphinx was carved out of a single massive piece of stone which had the pharoah Chefren’s head on the body of a lion.   
Description provided by Lindblad Expeditions. 

Arab with his camel taken at Saqqara.

Our thanks to Steve for sharing his amazing photos with us.

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