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Lucca is a medieval walled city in Tuscany that is 45 miles from Florence, 13 miles east of Pisa and 208 miles north of Rome.   The wall surrounding the old city dates from Renaissance time and you can walk the entire 2 1/2 miles on top of the wall.  The town was founded by the Etruscans and became a Roman colony in 180 BC.  

Passeggiata delle Mura400 sanmichele1-r.giomi

Church of San Michele in Foro in Piazza San Michele was built in the 12th century.  Photo by R. Giomi - Lucca Tourism.  

A section of the wall that surrounds the old city.

Inside Church di San Michele in Foro in Piazza San Michele400
Church di San Michele in Foro in Piazza San Michele (3)400

The beautiful facade of San Michele. The catholic church dates from the 11oo’s and was built over the Roman Forum.  

Basilica di S. Frediano on Piazza del Collegio400

Basilica of San Frediano on Piazza del Collegio.  Beautiful mosiac!  There are over 90 churches in Lucca.


Cathedral  of San Martino, the main cathedral in Lucca.
 Photo by R. Giomi --Lucca Tourism

Palazzo Ducale in Piazza Napoleone400

This is Piazza Napoleone with the Palazzo Ducal on the right hand side. Now a major place for exhibits.

Il Tabaro on Via della Dogana400

Inside the Cathedral San Michele in Foro in Piazza San Michele.  

Giacomo Puccini Statue in front of the Puccini Museum - Birthplace in Piazza Cittadella400

Puccini was born in Lucca and this is his birthplace and his museum.  The statue in front is Puccini and the museum  is located on Piazza Cittadella.


The cathedral was consecrated in 1070. 
 Photo by R. Giomi - Lucca Tourism

Restaurant at San Luca Palace Hotel400

There are a lot of outdoor cafes in Lucca.

Street in Lucca (3)400

Lucca is a very walkable town with wonderful things to see around every corner.

Photos by Christine Meny and R. Giori, Lucca Tourism

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